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Häufig gestellte Fragen

  • Door opener
    To lock the door of the chalet, first push the door handle upwards. Then you can lock the door with the key as usual.
  • Heating
    Our chalets are equipped with gas heating, which is usually preset by us. Do you want to adjust the heating yourself, please set the desired temperature (1-10) and press the control down until the heating ignites and runs. You can then see the flame through the small opening. Then adjust the fan to distribute the heat throughout the room.
  • Gas stove
    Select the control knob for the desired hob and set it to the Max. Press the control to release the gas. You can now ignite the gas flame. Press and hold the knob for 10 seconds after ignition. The flame then burns safely.
  • Dogs
    Your dogs are welcome in some of our chalets! At the reception you can get dog beds and food bowls, which we will gladly provide for the duration of your stay. Your four-legged companions should also feel at home with us!
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